Dial M for Murder, 2011-2012

James Burrell, Catherine Speiran, Daniel Wyse

Gaslight, 2010-2011

Dave Edwards, Andy Roberts, Bill Baker, Carmel Warman, Don Young, Jenna Laki, Terry Browne, Michele Browne, Christie Bartram Charron, Geoff Coulter, Shari Thorne

The Mousetrap, 2012-2013

Karen Wiley and Davide Cooke

The control booth at the St. Francis Centre

Robert Kowalski, Lighting Designer, and Andy Roberts, Sound Designer

Dangerous Obsession, 2009-2010

Dave Edwards, Shari Thorne, Daniel Wyse, Cheryl Tulloch, Bill Baker, Kate Arms


Next Season Ticket Prices

We have not raised our ticket prices since we started 9 years ago.  Unfortunately, due to rising costs we must raise our prices slightly for the 2017/18 season.  After June 1, 2017 the new ticket prices will be:

General Admission: $22

Seniors (60+): $20

Student: $15

Season Subscription: $50

PLEASE NOTE: If you renew or buy a subscription for next season before June 1st, it will cost you only $45 which is this season’s pricing.

2017/2018 Season Shows Announced

We are thrilled to announce that our next season’s shows will be:

Holmes for the Holidays (The Game’s Afoot) – Nov 16-25, 2017
12 Angry Men – Feb 15-24, 2018
Calendar Girls – April 19-28, 2018
If you would be interested in directing or producing any of these fine plays, please send your resume to info@ajaxcommunitytheatre.com.  Interviews will be held before the end of February.

Gift Certificates Available Now

We are now offering gift certificates with 2 choices: a single show ticket for $20 or a season subscription for $45.

To order gift certificates, please e-mail us at info@ajaxcommunitytheatre.com or purchase them at any of our shows at the St. Francis Centre.

Call for Volunteers

Ajax Community Theatre is looking for volunteer Producers for our 2017/18 season (“Holmes for the Holiday”, “12 Angry Men”, and “Calendar Girls”).

Producers are responsible for co-ordinating production staff; maintaining communication between everyone involved in a production; ensuring that the Director has all that he/she needs to achieve their artistic vision of the show; ensuring that the Stage Manager has all that he/she needs to successfully and safely execute the show; ensuring the production is adhering to previously agreed-upon budgets; and, most important, helping ensure that everyone volunteering their time has a fun and rewarding experience.

In addition ACT is looking for volunteers to staff key positions – for the entirety of our 2017-2018 season – to assist us in completing our goal of presenting quality live theatre.

Costumes and Props Inventory Co-Ordinator:

The primary goal of this role is to maintain the inventory of props and costumes in our storage unit and thus be able to provide in-flight shows with information as to what we have in storage and what would need to be acquired.

Set Construction:

This role is the prime on set construction activities for all in-flight shows, including co-ordinating construction activities, managing our inventory of construction materials, and over-seeing the final build and ultimate removal of our sets.


We are looking for someone to develop our overall Publicity Strategy and to coordinate the posting of notices, distribution of flyers, and creating/posting to social media.

If you are interested in filling any of these roles, or wish additional information, please e-mail us at info@ajaxcommunitytheatre.com