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ACT Youth Group Theatre 2019/2020

For the second season of our Youth Group, we have expanded the time frame to September to May.  As well, students can now select their area of interest; drama, musical, or both.

 Dec 2019

The participants will have instruction from the artistic team and several guest artists in Broadway dance, vocal technique, improvisation, scene study, stage combat, stage make-up and audition technique.

There will also be a showcase for family and friends in Dec. This will feature the participants performing various group scenes, dances and songs they have learned with the guest artists and artistic team.

 May 2020

 IT’S SHOW TIME!!  Rehearsals will begin for our 2 shows.  Act One will be a dramatic play for our young actors. The script will be a book show or an originally written piece.   Act Two will be a musical review with this year’s theme being “Let’s Go To the Movies”.  Doing a musical review is a very rewarding experience and it gives all the performers a chance to shine.  Performers have the option of being involved in one or both productions.

 Register for Audition

Auditions will be held Saturday September 7th, 2019 at the Village Community Centre, 22 Sherwood Rd W., Ajax.

There are 3, one-hour time slots available for registrants to choose from.  There is a maximum of 15 registrants per time slot.  If a time slot is not displayed, that means it is no longer available.


1. Select one of the 3 time slots.
2. A calendar page will be displayed.  Select September 7th on the calendar.
4. The registration page will be displayed.  Answer all questions and then select Schedule Event.
3. The starting time will be displayed in the upper right.  Select the displayed time.

Audition requirements will be included in your confirmation e-mail.